Nerds only, chads need not read this article.

This is a new initiative launched by Head Chimp /u/Padanub to keep the baying public mob at ease, with the use of fancy infographics and data! What we hope to achieve is to inform you all about the way Saltcon is run and the data that powers what we do. Each month we’ll release our analytics data and compare it to the previous month, so you can see how desperate we are for viewers.

This month due to budget cuts we’re not providing an infographic. There are some important notes to make about this month’s stats though.

October was our first full month with the Analytics system in place, so the figures are way up from last month. This months figures are included in bold below (last month is non-bold)

  • Users (Unique) – 157 – 259
  • Sessions – 248 – 538
  • Sessions per user – 1.58 – 2.08
  • Total page views – 416 – 998
  • Average Session – 1:10 (m/s) – 1:53 (m/s)
  • Bounce rate – 69% – 67.3%
  • Language – 68% English – 71% English
  • Country – 53% UK, 18% US, 10% Canada, rest are misc countries – 51% UK, 13% US, 8% AUS, 6% CAN

Just a reminder of what some of those stats mean

  • Difference between sessions and page views – One user in one session spamming refresh will bump up the page views but leave users/sessions stagnant
  • Average Session – How long people spend on the site on average, 1:10 is decent for a site designed for a high bounce rate
  • Bounce rate – The percentage of single-page sessions in which there was no interaction with the page. A bounced session has a duration of 0 seconds.

Over the past month we’ve had our device split as

  • Desktop – 53% – 49%
  • Mobile – 42% – 45%
  • Tablet – 5% – 6.1%

So what trends are we seeing emerge already? We’re seeing repeat visiting happen with an increase of 32% in sessions per user and people are spending longer on the site with a 61% increase in time spent reading.

We’ve seen a spike in readership from overseas while home readership has dropped by about 5% (Shalom to my Israeli viewers).

We have noticed that despite having a more sustainable model in terms of readership over the month we aren’t achieving the peaks per day we saw in September as the following graph shows (for example at the end of September we had a spike of almost 100 members view the website on the 29th and while we have had well over 100 unique members view they’ve not all done so at the same time)

Thats what we have for you this month, November should be interesting!


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