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Within hours of becoming Speaker, /u/Pellaken began making changes in CMHOC, by making an announcement concerning all cmhoc bans.

In a post on CMHOCMeta, Pellaken, or Teddy as he is more commonly known, declared that he had reviewed all current bans, and would be updating them. His first new policy is that everyone in the CMHOC discord would have “their slate wiped clean” and that everyone would be given a fresh start. That means that starting today the punishment for a repeat offence would be the same as the punishment for a first time offence.

His next act was to cut short the Press Ban of /u/JacP123, who was banned by the previous speakership for leaking information from the events team chat. His Press Ban will now end on January 28th, at 11:59 PM EST.

Another change in time frame comes for /u/Hayley-182, who was permanently banned from the discord chat for repeated toxicity a few days before the speakership vote. Her ban has been reduced to a 3 months ban.

Next, the Permanent Ban of /u/Kerbogha, who was banned for his role in Onion-Gate, will have his punishment reduced to a 5 month ban.

The final change was announced at the end of the post, where Teddy declared that all perma-bans currently in effect will end in exactly one year. However, this is only a “conditional unbanning” and for anyone to actually be allowed back into the sim they will have to go through a process similar to that of /u/VannaVaklyrie, who was recently unbanned. What exactly this process is is not public, but mostly likely the banned individual has to prove that they have reformed themselves in some way. Teddy qualified this new rule by adding that people banned for safety reasons will not be eligible to be unbanned. It is not clear which players this rule applies to, but mostly likely it is for members banned for severe crimes such as child porn or child grooming.

By far the most controversial action undertaken in this post is the unbanning of /u/Hayley-182. Through her time in the sim, Hayley has repeatedly been banned for many different offences, including a recent three month ban for toxicity. Upon returning from this ban, Hayley had been placed on a probation period, in which she would be permanently banned if she did not behave. Shortly after being unbanned Hayley recieved a two hour mute for toxicity, and shortly after the mod team announced that she had violated her probation, and would receive a permanent ban.

Though the majority of the sim expressed anger at her unbanning, some people were upset that she would not be unbanned sooner, and criticized the former Speaker, /u/mrsirofvibe, for banning her in the first place.

It is not clear if Hayley will be placed on any probationary period after her unban, in the discussion after the announcement, Teddy responded to concerns by /u/TheNoHeart by saying if Hayley “violates the conditions,” she will be met with “swift and harsh” action.

From Ottawa, I’m /u/redwolf177

How do you feel about Teddy’s actions?

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