‘Combat Cam’ Forced Out of Labour, Lefties Bemoan Racism of ‘White Labour’


This post is a transcribed version of an old article posted by /u/MHOCTheSun on /r/MHOCPress. Any major edits have been put in italics (usually to denote a screenshot that no longer exists due to Internet archiving)

Drama was in abundance in the Labour party today as Blue Labourite and closet Vanguard memeber /u/Cameron271 was forced out of the party over racist remarks towards Muslims. During a discussion about Islam, Cam called Muslims a “Bunch of sand eating fucks” and claimed there was no difference between extremist Islam and more moderate Islam.

The Secretary of State for Scotland started off by calling himself a Social Conservative and then proposterously argued that the fundamental beliefs of Islam are indifferent to those of extremist Islam, which we can show below

The Sun does not recognise this language as socially acceptable, and all of it was topped off by pure racism and hatred towards muslims, calling them, (and we quote,) a ‘bunch of Sand Eating Fuckers’. The evidence for this can be found here.

Predictably, the reaction from many other members of the party, as well as those on the left whom the conversation was leaked to, was hostile to say the least, as justalurkingreditor hit back at the words of /u/Cameron271 in this statement, which lead to new allegations of bullying in the Labour Party.

While WAKEYrko asserted some authority in the Broad Left Chat due to the lack of action by the Leadership, (despite resigning from the Leadership running for Labour earlier that day), /u/justalurkingreditor continued, attempting to appeal to the support of /u/ieaun, who referred to Cameron271 as ‘White Labour’. However, /u/justalurkingreditor ‘s attempts went very badly (screenshot removed). An Anonymous Person, known more commonly as /u/Zoto888, has also been implicated in the act of bullying within the chat, by calling Cameron a thick cunt (screenshot removed due to doxxing).

These allegations of bullying have built up and built up, causing /u/Cameron271 to become independent. I’m afraid as more and more comments get posted and rapidly deleted from the Join A Party thread, we have only been able to salvage a limited amount of evidence of the public fallout. Seen here, and here.

While the other members may have overreacted, Cameron271’s comments were truly reprehensible, and while forcing him out of Labour may not be the right option, his comments are certainly not befitting of a Labour minister, particularly an SoS for Scotland!

The Question on Everyone’s lips though is this; will /u/can_triforce finally show some responsibility for the actions of his rampant Labour members, or does he intend to see the party to it’s doom before the end of his term? With his resignation announced, he may just want to get out of there as soon as possible, particularly in light of the recent evidence uncovered by the Sun’s Team of Cross-Party Journalists. With both the heir apparent /u/RachelChamberlain and the strong polling /u/WAKEYrko out of the race, Labour could be headed for dire straights.

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