This post is a transcribed version of an old article posted by /u/MHOCTheSun on /r/MHOCPress. Any major edits have been put in italics (usually to denote a screenshot that no longer exists due to Internet archiving)

/u/ElliottC99 has been involved in such intrigue within the past weeks that he has attracted attention from across the Model World. While the controversy surrounding the Labour leadership candidate has shocked his Labour comrades, involving the heinous crimes of entryism (with seperate sources both here and here), as well as electoral fixing, it is not the first time “Red El” has been caught red handed.

The Sun has found evidence of more than just the incident with the Green Party member /u/ContrabannedTheMC and the conspiracy/misunderstanding with Sinn Féin, whose leader, Irelandball, soon retracted the claims of the Deputy Leader, who said that he had negotiated with Sinn Fein the sending over of members to vote for Elliott in the Labour Leadership Election. Those of us who were on ModelUsGov 4 months ago will recall a string of controversies involving Elliott, including his editorial coup of The Worker newspaper (of which, the screenshot has been lost to time), and forging the signature of the Leader of the Democrats on a proposed party merger deal between Elliott’s ALP and the Democrats, with the only non-deleted source evidencing this here, with the response of a lame excuse here.

The Sun has also been shocked to discover bullying within the helm of /u/ElliottC99 in his history, implicating other Labour figures such as /u/fsc2002 – unfortunately the evidence of this has been lost as the subreddit has been made private

On top of all of this, The Sun has recently learnt from anonymous sources that Elliott has now also used Party Polling to his advantage through the MHOC Newcomer /u/ArcticWhiteTele, an active contributor to the /r/ModelUSGov, and targeted specific questions and results to his advantage in order to sway his manifesto plans to his advantage. 

Such foul play within the party surely warrants an immediate response from the outgoing Leader /u/can_triforce, accumulated with all the other information from the Sun Inquiry. This whole business with ElliottC99 has implicated him in far more intriguing plots, leaving some of the model world’s more seasoned veterans with a sense of deja vu.

/u/ElliottC99 has come under fire from all angles, the most prominent of which is Cocktorpedo, who was quoted with the following statement (unfortunately lost to time). The question remains as to what, if any, reaction the Prime Minister will give to one of his Cabinet Members.

At one point he even suggested that he wishes to ‘bring the Party to where the Green Party currently is’ (evidence lost to time), and suggested that the Green Party ‘are not left wing’ several times.

/u/ElliottC99 has evidently receded from sight and appearance due to the recent events, being absent for over 4 days on all subreddits, and unlikely to make an appearance before the Christmas break.

There is now significant pressure upon /u/can_triforce as to whether to continue to endorse /u/ElliottC99as a Cabinet member and Leadership contender, with many predicting him to be banned from running in the Leadership elections. We do not yet know, but it is clearly evident that /u/ElliottC99 is not a fit Prime Minister for our country.

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