I was going to make this article sound all spooky, like the Tories had been dabbling in black magic and summoning demons, but that would be too close to the truth and they’d expel me from the secret chats we’re in.

Saltcon today received notification that famed Arch-Wizard (read: nerd) /u/InfernoPlato has cast a spell to summon forth ancient Tory Lords with the intent of getting them to vote.

In a “heavily used” chat on Facebook called “Old Boys” (which I absolutely solemnly promise and swear I am not a part of), InfernoPlato put out the call for old achievement lords to sign in and vote on the Votes at 18 bill. He says their votes may be invalidated due to them signing in post-vote but he confirms that rule is stupid anyway.

As of 10:00am, we believe the following Lords are in the chat:

  • /u/Mepzie
  • /u/Timanfya
  • /u/InfernoPlato
  • /u/Padanub
  • /u/Tilerr (although he deleted his facebook like a cuck)
  • /u/olliesimmonds
  • One other Lord whose name I can never fucking remember

The Votes at 18 bill is a tremendously controversial bill, oldies among us will remember that Votes at 16 was one of the most debated bills of all time and one of the most widely supported, even by Conservatives. However thanks to /u/ggeogg the Tories seem to have begun an ideological dismantling of history, putting several major bills to the sword, as reported by Saltcon.

Now, the existence of a shadowy cabal chat of former top-tier Tory Lords (and MHOC Moderators!!!!) is a scary enough thought as it is, but the idea that they seem to be able to be called upon and carted in for specific votes is terrifying! In a divided house four votes could easily swing a major division, so we wait with baited breath to see what the mods do.

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