In Memoriam: The MHOC Sun

What was The MHOC Sun?

The MHOC Sun was a passion project run by /u/Padanub and /u/ContrabannedTheMC. One of the first journalism enterprises in MHOC to focus on leaks, drama and salt it can be seen as the spiritual predecessor to Saltcon. The Sun had a staff team which was not commonplace in MHOC Journalism and even more unique was the fact that the staff were completely anonymous.

The Sun broke huge stories like Combat Cam, the Labour Racist. Bloody ‘Ell, the story of ElliottC99s dark history and Behind The Mask, a dark tale of meta feuding between Padanub and GhoulishBulld0g during their time in the Triumvirate (now Quadumvirate).

It earned its place in history and in obscurity with some of the shit we posted, the fan favourite being our Front Pages. Every now and then we would produce and publish a Sun frontpage, just like the actual tabloid, filled with gloriously shit content and even more gloriously shit headlines. Unfortunately they required obscene amounts of work to make, so became a very very rare thing.

Eventually, we caused quite a bit of friction with the way we were reporting and with the fact our staff list was anonymous (everything was posted through /u/Padanub or /u/MHOCTheSun). The other press organisations were sick of our secrecy and the parties were becoming more and more paranoid about duping and about leaking. People were accused and dogged and dragged down to try and figure out who the writers were and the environment became toxic, especially after the Model BBC devoted itself entirely to outing Sun staff, going so far as to threaten them and their time on MHOC. Eventually after a botched Press Inquiry and several threats, for the good of his staff /u/Padanub shut the Sun down.

Below we’ve enshrined the Suns articles, with some slight formatting edits to make them suitable for our website. We have also uploaded a gallery of all the Front Pages made for the Sun.

We hope you enjoy it.

The MHOC Sun Front-Pages

MHOC Sun Articles